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British Columbia's First English-Mandarin
Independent School 


BC 省首家中英双语私立学校

Newbridge Academy

An independent day school that offers a globally oriented Enriched English-Mandarin Bilingual education.

Newbridge Academy provides a well-structured environment from KG to Grade 7 focusing on a high level of academic excellence and social awareness.  We are currently accepting applications for grades K - 6. 


Our leading academic program provides comprehensive coverage of the BC curriculum and augments the students’ learning experiences with additional learning materials and programs that ensure a balanced and enriched educational package that will give our children the tools to maintain relevancy and competency with their peers not only locally but abroad as well.

Through small class sizes no larger than 10 students per class and individual learning trajectories carefully tailored to the needs of each child, Newbridge Academy strives to help each student achieve his or her maximum academic potential.

Newbridge Academy enriches the British Columbia mathematics curriculum through the implementation of the Singapore Math Program. With the goal of our students not just learning math equations to reach an answer, but learning how the equation works.

Furthermore, reading is an important part of our program.  We assess every child's reading to implement a plan of further improvement. 


The English-Mandarin bilingual program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills needed for speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Mandarin.

Our students will graduate with a global mind, problem solving skills and the motivation to build a better world.

Developing solid foundations

Newbridge Academy educates for academic excellence and prepares students for life through:

  • Rigorous, balanced, comprehensive programs focussed on languages, mathematics, science, humanities and the arts; nurturing critical and creative thinkers who know how to learn independently as well as collaboratively.

  • Three pillars of education: knowledge and understanding, skill and competence, as well as character, while cultivating the ability to set goals, reflect and adapt.

  • Teaching with passion by qualified teachers who hold advanced degrees in their subject areas.


"The added bonus of a bilingual English and Mandarin education is unparalleled in the region. Mandarin is the most relevant and useful second language in our current and future world. After attending French Immersion last year, our son had little to no knowledge of Mandarin. But after only 3 short months under the tutelage of the amazing Newbridge teachers, he is well on his way to becoming bilingual! It has been incredible.


Newbridge is truly an exceptional and special school that our family feels lucky to be a part of!"

Cultivating global citizens

The English-Mandarin bilingual program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the basic skills needed for speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in both English and Mandarin at a young age beginning in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and continuing through Grade 7. We use the same Chinese curriculum as in mainland China for the teaching of Chinese. ·

The Food & Nutrition Program features daily snack and warm lunch with education in healthy eating, global food cultures and table manners.



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