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Our Mission

Newbridge Academy promotes academic excellence, whole child development, and multiculturalism by offering courses/programs from a variety of academic strands, Chinese and English language acquisition, physical education opportunities, multicultural awareness and communication skills.

Our Vision

Newbridge Academy strives to provide a well-structured environment that offers high academic and extracurricular standards. The curriculum will follow the British Columbia Ministry of Education with a focus on inquiry/project-based learning, collaboration, and authentic assessment.

Welcome to Newbridge Academy!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child to Newbridge Academy.


We are sure you are looking forward to this new adventure, just as we are looking forward to meeting you. Our aim is to work together to inspire every student to achieve and learn to their potential, within a happy, secure, exciting and challenging environment. We strongly believe that school is a partnership between children, parents, teachers, and administrators, and that by working together we can enable and motivate children to succeed in all areas of development. All the staff members look forward to ensuring that these first experiences of school life are both happy and successful for you and your child.

An Introduction to Newbridge Academy

Why a Bilingual Education

makes a world of difference


Exposure to different cultural perspectives from around the world. Students are expected to develop an understanding and acceptance of other people and cultural viewpoints.


Students learn to see individual issues within the context of the global socio-cultural significance, gain awareness and a deep appreciation of our world's cultural diversity.


Learning to respect, value and understand one's self and culture helps students develop self-awareness and value their cultural distinct heritage. 

Parent Testimonial

"Newbridge Academy is truly a hidden gem in the lower mainland school system. Our family could not be happier with our choice to enroll our son at Newbridge and our expectations have been far exceeded! 


The teachers are a team of experienced, nurturing and dedicated educators who are approachable, collaborative, and truly have the children’s best interests at heart. They provide astute, honest, and thoughtful assessments of their students and are very much in tune with their student’s needs.


Likewise, the families are equally engaged and committed to ensuring an exceptional educational experience for their children.


The small class sizes ensure that each child’s educational trajectory can be closely monitored and redirected quickly and effectively if necessary.


And of course the added bonus of a bilingual English and Mandarin education is unparalleled in the region. Mandarin is the most relevant and useful second language in our current and future world. After attending French Immersion last year, our son had little to no knowledge of Mandarin. But after only 3 short months under the tutelage of the amazing Newbridge teachers, he is well on his way to becoming bilingual! It has been incredible.


Newbridge is truly an exceptional and special school that our family feels lucky to be a part of!"


Dr. Kai-Ling Ng and Adam Shafron

Student Life at Newbridge Academy

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