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Newbridge After-school Program

Newbridge Academy is well-positioned in the same premises as its partnership educational organizations CVC & CCS. CCS is a very popular after-school educational institution sponsored by CVC (Chinese Village Club) which provides fruitful optional after-school programs that could meet almost every student's interests and needs. It now has over 300 students registered who take extra lessons after school in the after-school hours only a few steps away from Newbridge Academy school area.  Newbridge Academy students receive a 15% discount off the regular tuition fee in any after-school program in CCS. For working parents who are unable to pick up their children at the dismissal time, this opportunity presents a special advantage for their child who can remain actively learning in an engaging academic environment where high quality instruction is the norm. 

After-school programs include: Math, Mandarin, English Reading & Writing, Public Speaking, Spanish, French, Drama


Newbridge Academy after-school program offers an unparalleled academic support for students to extend, reinforce and enrich their learning. Parents can choose from a number of programs to boost their child’s education. With this partnership in place, we believe that “No child will be left behind”, because appropriate after-school lessons will help our students to get additional practice in the core subjects to enhance their academic achievement. 


Newbridge Reading  Program

Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power!  Reading is a focus at Newbridge Academy.

No matter what the language is, reading is the key to success.  At Newbridge, many of our bilingual students are stronger in one language than the other so we help students to reach their personal goals in reading.  The goal is to go beyond the averaged nrm for students of their age group.  For students who are bilingual or trilingual, this means that extra effort is required to learn multiple languages; however, the good news is that learning in multiple languages also increases a student's overall academic ability in all subject matters.At Newbridge academy,  in addition to our language arts program, we have a specialized teacher in reading.  With her assistance, and the help of our chosen reading program, Reading A to Z (RAZ) our students are able to increase their knowledge and comprehension of reading material.   This program is threefold; whilst the majority of the motivation must come from the student, the program also requires teacher and parent support to help the student achieve their goal.  Finally, this reading program is online and thus can be at any time, including on weekends and holidays.

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Newbridge Kung Fu Program

Yoga program is a part of Newbridge Academy Health and Physical Education. Yoga promotes physical strength because children learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. We particularly hire professional Kids Yoga teachers, so the teachers know how to work with children and give interesting and fun lessons.


Whether a pose is done standing, sitting, or lying down, each one can challenge various muscle groups while helping a child become aware of his or her body and how it functions efficiently and elegantly.

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