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Newbridge Academy

Fast Facts

Newbridge Academy provides an excellent structured learning environment that offers the highest academic and whole child development standards.

Amazing facts about Newbridge Academy that set us apart from the rest!
Our Mission

Newbridge Academy promotes academic excellence, whole child development, and multiculturalism by offering courses & programs from a variety of academic strands, Chinese and English language acquisition, physical education, multicultural awareness and communication skills.


Mandarin language class is taught 5 days a week for a full hour each day.

Newbridge Academy is the first English-Mandarin Bilingual Independent School in BC. 


We use the latest edition Chinese textbooks which are used in schools in China.

Leader In Academic

Our academic program is built on a rigorous, balanced and comprehensive platform focussed on mathematics, language, science, humanities and the arts.


We strive to create critical and creative thinkers who know how to learn independently as well as collaboratively.

Class Size

Average class size at Newbridge Academy is 6-10 students per teacher.


Smaller class sizes allow students to get the individual attention they require, resulting in an enhanced learning environment and better overall academic results.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught everyday of the week at Newbridge Academy. 

Students participate in a variety of individual and team sports and games.

We also include a variety of programs throughout the year such as Kung Fu and Dance.

Our Leadership

Newbridge Academy is fortunate to be under the leadership of our Principal Mr. Stephen Olah. With his 25 years of experience as a both a leader and educator. Mr. Olah has been a Head of School/Principal in China for 7 years in addition to being the grade 6-12 principal at a top 10 BC Independent School.  He brings a wealth of experience in addition to an understanding of Chinese culture.


The curriculum follows the British Columbia Ministry of Education with a focus on inquiry and project-based learning, collaboration, and authentic assessment.

Newbridge Academy provides a well-structured scholastic environment focusing on a high level of academic excellence and social awareness.

Public Speaking

Newbridge Academy all students participate in our weekly Public Speaking program.

Students are asked to make speeches or presentations in front of their classmates and teachers. Students learn how to feel comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Our Teachers

Newbridge Academy teachers are a team of experienced, nurturing and dedicated educators. Always approachable, collaborative, and have each student's best interests at heart.


They provide astute, honest and thoughtful assessments of each student and are very much in tune with all our students' individual needs.


Mathematics at Newbridge Academy is taught for a full hour five days a week.


Newbridge Academy enriches the British Columbia mathematics curriculum through the implementation of the Singapore Math Program, leading our students to a higher level of competence in solving a wider array of math problems.

Nutrition Program

We offer a healthy and nutrition-balanced warm lunch and snack to our students everyday. Teachers guide  our students to set the table, serve the food and clean up after eating.


Students are exposed to different food categories, global food cultures, nutrition healthy and polite eating habits.

Parents and Community

"...the families are engaged and committed to ensuring an exceptional educational experience for their children."


Adam Shafron

 - Parent


"Newbridge is truly an exceptional and special school that our family feels lucky to be a part of!"

Dr. Kai-Ling Ng

 - Parent

We believe that school is a partnership between children, parents, teachers, and administrators, and that by working together we can enable and motivate children to succeed in all areas of development.

Come be a part of Newbridge Academy with us!

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