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Newbridge Academy Newsletter Nov30, 2021

1. Friends and Family of Newbridge Academy

Our admissions' season has already begun for 2022-2023. We really only have space for approximately 10 students in each classroom so it is important to start this process early. We have already received four in inquiries for kindergarten.

Firstly, we would like to support the families in our community and give them priority for a school placement next year. If you have a child entering kindergarten or any other grade for the first time next year, please let us know ASAP.

Secondly, we would like to extend a similar invitation to friends of Newbridge Academy. If you are aware of any friends that may want to consider Newbridge Academy as their school of choice, please inform them to contact Ms. Ivy at and we will start communicating with them.

Once a new student has successfully completed the interview and assessment, and all forms and fees have been paid, entry into Newbridge Academy will be on a first come, first basis.

We hope to have the school full with 40 students next year so it is important to show one's interest earlier than later.

1. 新桥学校的朋友和家人

2022-2023 年我们的招生季已经开始。由于我们小班教学,每个班级大概10人左右,因此尽早开始准备非常重要。 目前我们已经收到了四个学前班家长的咨询。

首先,我们需要将新桥社区的家长们作为优先考虑。 如果您有孩子明年第一次进入学前班或任何其他年级,请尽快告诉我们。

其次,我们想向新桥学校的朋友发出类似的邀请。 如果您知道有任何朋友可能希望将新桥学校作为他们的首选学校,请通知他们通过 联系 Ivy 老师。 我们将开始与他们沟通。


我预计明年学校将有 40 名学生,因此请尽早开始申请。

2. Newbridge Academy Parent Advisory Committee- NAPAC

Newbridge Academy has been growing steadily and it is now time to have a Parent Advisory Committee. We are asking for parents who would like to have some input into the very important future of the school. Meetings will be monthly, starting in January 2022.

We would kindly ask parents to inform us of your interest and what day and time is best for you to meet. We will meet at the most common time available for the majority of parents. Meetings will be in bilingual format.

The purpose of NAPAC is:

1. To advise the school principal and staff on parental views about school programs, policies and activities.

2. To communicate with parents and to promote co-operation between the home and the school in providing for the education of the children.

3. To assist parents in school-based programs that will help their children.

4. To organize PAC activities and events.

5. To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents and other community members.

6. To maintain a working relationship between parents, administration, staff, students and the community.

7. To encourage and exchange ideas between parents, administration, staff, students and the community.

If you would like to participate, please contact Ms. Ivy at

2. 新桥学校家长咨询委员会- NAPAC

新桥学校一直在稳步发展,现在是时候拥有一个家长咨询委员会了。我们正在寻求希望对学校非常重要的未来有所贡献的家长。从 2022 年 1 月开始,每月召开一次会议。



1. 就家长对学校课程的看法向校长和教职员工提供建议,政策和活动。

2. 与家长沟通,促进家校合作,为孩子提供教育。

3. 协助家长开展以学校为基础的计划,以帮助他们的孩子。

4. 组织PAC活动和事件。

5. 通过促进家长和新桥社区成员的参与来提高学校的效率。

6. 维持家长、行政部门、教职员工、学生和社区之间的工作关系。

7. 鼓励家长、行政人员、教职员工、学生之间的思想交流。

如果您想参加,请通过 联系Ivy老师

3. Christmas Drive

Newbridge Academy would like to teach our children the importance of giving to those in need. Due to the pandemic, the charity of giving is even more important. This year, we will be donating to three different charities.

1. The White Rock Food Bank- non perishable items are accepted, in particular, rice, oats and canned items containing protein. This year, due to the pandemic, families will not be able to choose items they need. Instead, a package will be put together for each needy family. They have requested no baby products.

2. The White Rock Salvation Army- they will accept any gently used clothing. We would appreciate it if you could bring these items in bags or boxes. Furthermore, separating them as male or female, and child or adult. This will help with the organization.

3. The Surrey Christmas Bureau- they are only accepting non wrapped new toys and games for children and youth.

In all three cases, please make sure your child is involved in the collection of the items from your home and the delivery to the school. The faculty will help students understand the concept of giving at school, reinforced by parents at home.

Please start collecting and bring to the school from December 1st. We will continue to collect until December 15th, and we will deliver all of the items on December 16th and 17th.

We thank each and everyone one of you for your donation to help those families in need.

Merry Christmas!

3. 圣诞节募捐









4. Winter Break Homework

As many parents have requested, we are providing homework packages that can be done over winter, spring and summer breaks. These packages are at grade level and divided into weeks. We have put them in duo tangs and labelled them for you.

While holidays are generally a time for rest and relaxation, many people also have some time to do some school work and/or reading. While we cannot mandate that these packages are done; we do feel it is in the students best interest to continue learning AND we think it is also a good time for parents to work alongside their children. I would suggest that each family puts aside 30 - 60 minutes a day (age dependent) and work through these packages. We will collect all of them the first week back to school. Teachers will review what students were able to accomplish. If the teacher notices any trends, some reteaching may be required in the classroom. For those students who have completed the majority of the work, they will be given weeks 4 and 5 for Spring Break. For those who don't, we will re-submit weeks 1-3 again for Spring break. The same system will follow in the summer. In addition, at age/grade level appropriate, novels will be assigned to read over the summer.

Reading is the key to success and we will always strongly encourage our students to read in both English and Mandarin and/or any other mother tongue language present in the family home. Many of our students are second and third language learners and any free time that can be used to continue their learning can only benefit the child. We hope that each family spends some time learning with their child.

4. 寒假作业


虽然假期通常是休息和放松的时间,但许多人也有时间做一些功课和阅读。虽然我们不能强制要求完成这些作业包;我们确实认为持续学习是符合学生的最大利益,而且我们认为这也是父母与孩子一起工作的好时机。我建议每个家庭每天留出 30 - 60 分钟(视年龄而定)来完成这些计划。我们将在回学校的第一周收集所有作业。老师将回顾学生能够完成的内容。如果老师注意到学生有任何知识缺失,可能需要在课堂上进行一些重新教学。对于已完成大部分作业的学生,他们将获得第 4 周和第 5 周的春假作业

。对于那些不这样做的人,我们将在春假期间再次重新提交第 1-3 周。夏季将采用相同的系统。此外,在适当的年龄/年级水平上,小说将被分配在夏季阅读。


  • Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition - Grades 3-7

  • Art Works

  • Science Works

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