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Newbridge Academy Newsletter Oct 29, 2021

Dear Parents,


While COVID - 19 restrictions are ever changing, one of the guidelines right now is that parents should take note of travelling. Currently, children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated. If children under the age of 12 travel outside of BC, regardless if parents are vaccinated or not, the child is not allowed to attend school for 14 days after returning to BC. This is not a school policy; this comes from the Provincial Health Order. This is important to note as we have a 3 week winter break. If a child returns on the last day of winter break, they will be absent from school for a further 2 weeks. This means a child will not be attending school for 5 weeks. This is something each family must consider. What is in the best interests of their child at this stage of their school life?

尽管 COVID-19 的限制不断变化,但目前的准则之一是父母应注意外出旅行。 目前,12 岁以下的儿童不能接种疫苗。 如果 12 岁以下的儿童在不列颠哥伦比亚省以外旅行,无论父母是否接种疫苗,该儿童在返回不列颠哥伦比亚省后的14天内不得上学。 这不是学校政策; 这来自省卫生厅的规定。 这一点很重要,因为我们有3周的寒假。 如果孩子在寒假的最后一天返回,他们将再缺课2周。 这意味着孩子将在5周内无法上学。 这是每个家庭都必须考虑的事情。 在他们学校生活的这个阶段,什么最符合孩子的利益?

All children under 12 will not be permitted to attend school for 14 days after returning no matter the vaccination status of their parents. Read to the bottom of web link which states what children can and cannot do. One of the things they can’t do is attend school. 无论父母的疫苗接种情况如何,所有 12 岁以下的儿童在返回后14天内都不得上学。 阅读本文件的网络链接,其中说明了儿童可以做什么和不可以做什么。 他们不能做的一件事就是上学。

All students have access to RAZ (Reading A to Z) and it is expected that students read lots over holiday breaks. In addition, teachers will prepare packages of grade level appropriate homework to be completed over the holiday break. This is meant for the three weeks they are away. Teachers will not prepare in advance two additional weeks of work for children. However, they may be able to provide some materials while they are back at school. This is dependent on the child and parent as a lot of support will need to be given from the home.

所有学生都可以使用 RAZ(从A到Z阅读),并且希望学生在假期休息时阅读大量内容。 此外,老师将准备适合年级水平的家庭作业,以便在放假的三周内完成。 老师不会提前为孩子们准备额外两周的作业。 但是,他们可能会在返回学校时提供一些材料。 这取决于孩子和父母,因为这需要家长给予很多支持。

If a family is still planning on going outside of BC and their child will miss an additional 2 weeks of school, please let your class teacher know as early as possible.

如果我们的父母仍计划离开 BC,而他们的孩子将再缺课2周,请尽早通知您的班主任。

Teacher Profile:


Please visit and to the “Our People” tab.

请登录我们的网站www.newbridge-academy.ca并点击“Our People”按钮。

Name: Mr. Steve Olah

姓名:Steve Olah校长

Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Arts, Simon Fraser University; Professional Development programs (Teaching Certificate) Simon Fraser University; Masters in Educational Administration, University of Victoria

学位和院校:西蒙弗雷泽大学文学学士; 专业发展计划(教师证)西蒙弗雷泽大学; 维多利亚大学教育管理硕士

Years in Education: 26


Countries taught in: Canada, Ecuador, Japan, China


Hobbies: yoga, swimming, card games


Name: Miss Pasini

姓名: Pasini老师

Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family and Social Relations,University of Windsor Honours; and a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, St. Clair College


Years in Education: 5


Countries taught in: Canada, England


Hobbies: Cooking, baking, hiking, ultimate frizbee


Name: Mr. Joshua Davenport


Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Arts, Welch College; Bachelor of Education, University of New Brunswick; CELTA, Cambridge University

学位和院校:韦尔奇学院文学学士; 新不伦瑞克大学教育学士; 国际英语教师资格证书,剑桥大学

Years in Education: 11


Countries taught in: South Korea, China, Canada


Hobbies: Reading, writing, photography, traveling


Name: Mrs. Ringness


Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Education Degree, University of British Columbia,, TESOL Certificate


Years in Education: 30+


Countries taught in: Canada (India, Haiti)


Hobbies: Camping, hiking, reading, spending time with family


Name: Ms. Cathy Hughes

姓名:Cathy Hughes老师

Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Arts, University of the Fraser Valley; Bachelor of Education, Simon Fraser University; Professional Development programs (Teaching Certificate) Simon Fraser University

学位和机构: 弗雷泽河谷大学文学学士; 西蒙弗雷泽大学教育学士; 专业发展计划(教师证)西蒙弗雷泽大学

Years in Education: 32


Countries taught in: Canada, Japan, Egypt, China


Hobbies: Reading, , crafts, movies, swimming, card/board games


Name: Ms. Anita Hao


Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Arts; Master of Education, Tj Normal University; Effective Teaching Strategies Certificate, Stanford University, School of Education

学位和机构:文学学士; 天津师范大学教育学硕士; 斯坦福大学教育学院有效教学策略证书

Years in Education: 20 years


Countries taught in: China, US, Canada


Hobbies: jogging, hiking, gardening


Name: Ms. Carrie Li


Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Business Administration,Simon Fraser University; Certificate in Industrial design, Emily Carr University of art and design


Years in Education: 16

教龄: 16年

Countries taught in: China, Canada


Hobbies: Drawing, Water Color Painting, Crafting, Designing, Singing, Dancing, and Gardening


Name: Ms. Ivy Dong


Degrees and Institution: Bachelor of Science, Huazhong Agricultural University; Bachelor of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

学位及院校:华中农业大学理学学士; 华中科技大学管理学学士

Hobbies: Baking, making friends, playing with children

爱好:烘焙, 交朋友,和小孩子一起玩

Newbridge Academy is looking for some parents to help volunteer!


We have some opportunities coming up that we could use some support.


1. Christmas Drive-

1. 圣诞节递送

In December, we will do a non perishable and gently used items to donate to a local

charity. We did this last year and it was very successful. Often as we go into the Christmas season, older but gently used items are discarded for new ones. There are people in our community that could use these gently used items. For all families, please start to think about what you could donate. We will not be collecting items until December.

在 12 月,我们需要将一些不易腐烂的或者轻轻使用过的物品捐赠给当地的慈善机构。 我们去年就这样做了,而且非常成功。 通常,当我们进入圣诞节时,旧的用过的物品会被丢弃换新的。 我们社区中有些人可以使用这些轻轻使用的物品。 对于所有家庭,请开始考虑您可以捐赠什么。 我们将在 12 月之前收集物品。

This can be easily done in the morning when you drop off your child and in the afternoon coming early before you pick up your child. This is also a great way to meet some other parents.

这可以在早上送孩子时轻松完成,也可以在下午提早来接孩子之前完成。 这也是结识其他一些家长的好方法。

We would like a parent representative from each class to help communicate, receive and organize donated items. This will be from December 1st - 17th. Items will have to be delivered on the 17th so hopefully a family with a big truck or minivan will help us to deliver the items. All COVID protocols will be in place.

If you are interested, please let me or Ms. Ivy know.

我们希望每个班级都有一位家长代表来帮助沟通、接收和组织捐赠的物品。 这将是 12 月 1 日至 17 日。 物品必须在 17 日交付,所以希望有一辆大卡车或小型货车的家庭能帮助我们交付物品。 所有 COVID 协议都将到位。如果您有兴趣,请告诉我或 Ivy老师。

2. Club Time-

2. 俱乐部时间-

Do you have a hobby, passion, craft, dance, etc you would like to share with students? We are looking for any parents who can share their passion once or twice a week for 6 weeks. The days and times are Tuesday and Thursday from 11:45 am - 12:15 pm. If you are not sure if your offering is appropriate, please ask. This is a wonderful way for a parent to meet some other children. All COVID protocols will be in place.

您有什么爱好、激情、工艺、舞蹈等想与学生分享吗? 我们正在寻找任何可以在 6 周内每周分享一次或两次激情的父母。 日期和时间是周二和周四上午11:45 -下午12:15。 如果您不确定您的爱好是否合适,请询问我们。 这是父母认识其他孩子的绝妙方式。 所有 COVID 协议都将到位。

3. Library Set up-

3. 图书馆整理-

We would like to start re organizing our library by grade and age. In order to do this, we need to figure out which grade each book is most applicable. It is a simple but time consuming task and minimal English is needed if that is a concern. One simply enters the number of the book (ISBN) into a website and then it tells you what grade or age. We will provide the computer. Then, simply write the grade level on the book. It usually takes about 1 minute per book. If you have an hour or two to spend on any day between 8:45 am - 3:15 pm, you are more than welcome to help out. Simply let Mr. Olah or Ms. Ivy know. Thanks!

我们想开始按年级和年龄重新整理我们的图书馆。 为此,我们需要确定每本书最适用于哪个年级。 这是一项简单但耗时的任务,只需要很少的英语。 只需在网站上输入图书编号 (ISBN),然后它就会告诉您什么年级或年龄。 我们将提供电脑。 然后,只需在书上写下年级。 每本书通常需要大约 1 分钟。 如果您在上午 8 点 45 分至下午 3 点 15 分之间的任何一天有一两个小时的时间,我们非常欢迎您提供帮助。 只需让 Olah 校长或 Ivy 老师知道即可。 谢谢!

Open House


We would like our current families to extend invitations to friends and families who may be interested in a bilingual education to our Open Houses. Starting on November 5th, we will inform families about our programs and tour the facility. Open House is on Fridays from 10:00 am - 11:45am. Other days and times can be arranged with advance notice. Due to the current pandemic, we would like families to book a day and time in advance. The Open House will be in a bilingual format. Please spread the word.

我们希望我们现有的家庭向可能对双语教育感兴趣的朋友和家人邀请参加我们的开放日。 从 11 月 5 日起,我们将通知家庭有关我们的计划并开放校园参观日。 开放日为每星期五上午 10:00 至上午11:45。 其他日期和时间可以提前通知安排。 由于当前的疫情,我们希望家庭提前预订日期和时间。 开放日将采用双语形式。 请家长帮忙传播这个信息。

Helping K and grade 1 students changing their clothes

帮助 K 和 1 年级学生换衣服

Sometimes even though it is a little windy and a little cold, we will still go outside to play. Sometimes the grass is wet and children have to be careful playing. On Monday, about 6 students did manage to fall or slip and get their pants very wet and muddy. This is ok. Learning to play outdoors, following rules and then having accidents is part of life. However, what we discovered is that some students did not know how to remove their shirt or pants. Can parents please ensure their children know how to put on their pants and button their shirt. It does take time to learn, and it may take even longer in the morning; however, daily practice will help them do this quicker.

冬季到了,有时即使有点风有点冷,我们还是会去外面玩。 有时草是湿的,孩子们玩耍时要小心。 周一,大约有 6 名学生在草坪上跌倒或滑倒,并且弄湿了裤子。 让孩子们学习在户外玩耍、遵守规则然后发生事故是生活的一部分。 但是,我们发现有些学生不知道如何自己换号衬衫或裤子。 请家长们确保孩子们知道如何穿裤子和扣上衬衫的纽扣吗,学习确实需要时间,早上可能需要更长时间; 然而,日常练习将帮助他们更快地做到这一点。

PumpkIn Patch Field Trip


On Friday, October 22nd, Newbridge Academy visited Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch. While there was a little rain, students still had a great time. Here are some quotes from teh children adn some photos:

1) "I like to get the pumpkin. I was there. I was so excited."

2) "I love to pet the animals and pick the pumpkins."

3) "I like the big white tent with that guy with a pumpkin hat and I love the abandoned ship and the firetruck and the goats and the tractor."

10 月 22 日星期五,纽布里奇学院参观了 Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch。 虽然下着小雨,但学生们仍然玩得很开心。 以下是孩子们的一些引述和一些照片:




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