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Dr.Sirotic and Board Members of Newbridge attended Yidan Prize Summit

Sophie Jin,Charles Chen Yidan(Middle), Ying Liu, Dr. Sirotic(Newbridge Principal)

Last week, Principal , Dr. Sirotic and two board members of Newbridge Academy, Ying Liu and Sophie Jin, attended the inaugural Yidan Prize summit in Hong Kong.

The Yidan Prize is the world’s largest, most prestigious award in education, much like the Nobel prize is for other fields. Founded in 2016 by Charles Chen Yidan, the Yidan Prize reaches out to the world to give recognition to individuals whose work makes profound contributions to education research and development, with the ultimate aim of creating a better world through education. This year’s laureates, Ms. Vicky Colbert and Dr. Carol Dweck, were each awarded $3.9M USD. Dr. Sirotic and board members of Newbridge attended this event in order to learn from world leaders in education about the new developments in this field.

上周,新桥学校的校长即两位董事会成员参加了在香港举办的“一丹奖”峰会。“一丹奖”是全球教育领域最大及最有声望的奖项,等同于其它领域的诺贝尔奖。由陈一丹于2016年创立的“一丹奖”在世界范围内对教育研究和发展有着重大贡献的个人进行了表彰。“一丹奖”设立的终极目标便是希望通过教育创造一个更加美好的世界。本届的两位获奖者分别是Ms. Vicky Colbert and Dr. Carol Dweck, 他们每人获得了390万美元的“一丹”教育奖金。

Dr. Sirotic与新桥学校的董事们参与此次盛会的主要目的是为了向世界教育领域的领导者们交流有关于教育发展的最新进程。

Dr. Carol Dweck and Sophie Jin

Dr. Carol Dweck, one of the Yidan Prize laureates, has done significant research regarding why some children seek challenges while others do not (Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset).

Carol Dweck博士,“一丹奖”的获奖者之一,对于为什么有些孩子愿意寻求挑战而有些却不愿意做了重要研究(成长型心态与固定式心态)。

In the previous Parent Academy of Newbridge, Dr. Sirotic has shared “Praise or Encourage” with all Newbridge families. It’s much like what Dr. Carol Dweck’s research, “A study on praise and mindset”. For more details about this research, please find the following link:

在之前新桥学校的家长课堂上,Sirotic博士也曾与新桥的家长们分享过“表扬还是鼓励”相关的教育内容。该内容与此次获奖者Caroal Dweck的研究,“表扬与心态的研究”非常接近。有关于该研究的更多相关信息,请点击下方视频链接。

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