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Kungfu Class In Newbridge Academy

Newbridge students had their first Kungfu class on the first school day of the new calendar year. Kungfu master, Jason, who started to learn Kungfu when he was 6 years and has won over fifty awards in different Martial Art Competitions, told Newbridge students the core values of learning Kungfu: build up a healthy body and defense yourself appropriately.

新桥学校的学生们在新年的第一天上了他们的第一堂功夫初级课。Jason, 六岁开始习武,曾在各项武术比赛中荣获超过50块奖牌的功夫师傅向新桥的学生们传递了功夫学习的核心价值:强身健体和适当自我防卫。

Before doing any Kungfu postures, our students have to do some warm-ups and stretches which are very essential and important in a Kungfu class.

学习武术动作之前,学生们必须先热身,并做伸展运动。 这是一堂完整的功夫课非常基本及重要的环节。

Our students were very excited to have Kungfu Classes and couldn't wait to show their flexibility of their muscles. They had great indoor exercises at school and learned defensive boxing as beginners.


Newbridge students will have Kungfu Classes every Monday afternoon. They will grow stronger and healthier while having brilliant academic achievement at the same time!


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