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Mandarin Course for Adult Beginners took place in Newbridge Learning Community

On Jan 26th, the first lesson of Mandarin Course for Adult Beginners that offered by Newbridge Academy opened its curtain to the community.


As an independent school for academic excellence and global mindedness, our students receive unparalleled academic preparation, character development, and at the same time attain an active knowledge of Chinese Mandarin language. Being able to speak and use Mandarin is one of the goal our students achieve through their daily lessons. Newbridge Mandarin Course for Adult Beginners provides a great opportunity for people who wants to learn this language in this community. In the classroom, people from different culture background came to experience the benefit of learning a new language.


Principal and Food Educator of Newbridge Academy both joined this course. Dr. Sirotic, said:" Knowing another language is a gift that offers access to other cultures and opens doors to new parts of the world."


The Mandarin Course for Adult Beginners is a non-profit program at a very affordable rate. The current program will run from January to March, and the spring program will be start in April, and end in June.


More information about this Course please send email to :

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