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Chinese New Year Celebrations in Newbrdige Academy


Cultivating global awareness for future world citizen is one of the goals of Newbridge Academy. Our students grow global mindedness through Nutrition Program and daily lunch meals, as well as, learning second languages. As the first English-Mandarin Bilingual Independent School in BC, Newbridge Academy not only provides students with the opportunity to learn Mandarin, but also integrates Chinese language arts and Chinese culture in the study of the language.


Students of Newbridge Academy have carried out the Chinese New Year theme activities and parties in the school for the 2018 Chinese New Year in the past two weeks. They decorated the lanterns with beautiful Chinese paintings, they made hand crafts of Chinese Dragon, and they took part in the local community Chinese celebration events. In the event, they sent great new year wishes to people through Chinese-new-year themed singing and dancing performance.


Furthermore, each Newbridge student has received a special gift for the new year. A new year card from the Principal and a letter "why am I appreciated by my classmates" from all the other students.


Newbridge students have experienced a strong atmosphere of Chinese New Year abroad. They also participated as messengers to deliver new year's blessings to people in this country. This is the embodiment of the multicultural and inclusive Canadian culture in school education.

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